Photo Gallery (2017)

We capture all of our creative experiences! Memories last a lifetime, especially when they are captured by the camera. Take a look at how much fun our customers have when they paint, dance and party with us.


(Click the picture to view the photo album of the full creative experience.)

 10/21/17 - Paint Party Fundraiser for the Austin Tyler Foundation

"The Essence of Her"

 12/27/17 - Private Paint for Fun with Rai'jene (view VIDEO)

"The Essence of Her"

 12/20/17 - "Break and Paint" with APS Transportation (view VIDEO)

"Eyes Closed, Let Us Pray."

 11/18/17 - Paint Party Birthday Celebration for Natasha  (view VIDEO)

"Nubian Royalty - King / Queen

 10/13/17 - Paint Party Family Get together for Chandra

"Beauty Within" and "Falcons Rise Up!"

 09/22/17 - Paint Party w/ New Mercies Christian Church Women's Ministry

"Her Hat"

 09/19/17 - Paint & Sip Tuesday at Strikers Motorcycle Club

"Color of Music"

 09/08/17 - Dance Party Birthday Celebration for Ayanna

"ATL Crank / A Taste of Yeek!"

 09/01/17 - Paint Party Birthday Celebration for Malia's Sister

"Her Hat"

 08/22/17 - Paint & Sip Tuesday at Strikers Motorcycle Club

"Nubian Royalty - King / Queen"

 08/19/17 - Paint Party Fundraiser for Peace Baptist Church

"Queen's Dresses / Flight of Breast Cancer"

 08/13/17 - Paint Party Family & Friends Get Together with Nicole

"Her Hat"

 08/12/17 - Dance Party Birthday Celebration with Tiska (for Tony)

"Old School Hip Hop"

 07/29/17 - Dance Party Charitable Giving for the Hank Stewart Foundation

"Hip Hop"

 07/18/17 - Paint & Sip Tuesday at Strikers Motorcycle Club

"Pour the Wine"

 07/15/17 - Paint and Dance Party Fundraiser for Blue Girls Turned Gold

"Soul Line Dancing / BGTG Logo Painting"

 07/14/17 - Paint Party Birthday Celebration with Reneisha 

"Her Lingerie"

 05/29/17 - Private Wedding Reception Dance Sessions for Tameka

"Hip Hop / Pop Dance"

 04/01/17 - Paint Party Birthday Celebration with Johnnie (for Evelyn)

"Old School Music Video Dance"

 04/22/17 - Paint Party Get Together for Natasha

"African Queen"

 02/24/17 - Paint Party Birthday Celebration for Lisa

"Handling Business"