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"Positively changing lives forever through the creative arts."


Upcoming Events

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Thursday Soul Line Dancing 

(Every Thursday)

Comfort Inn & Suites, Fairburn, GA 30213

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Paintertainment Experience

Saturday, October 19, 2024

404 Social Atlanta, Atlanta, GA 30318

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Soul Line Dance Tuesday 

(Every Tuesday)

Virtual / Online (via Zoom)

kids participating in a paint and sip party with BE! Creative Arts Center. They are at picknic tables under a gazebo at a park. There are 5 boys painting on a canvas. The canvas has a drawing of a cartoon looking mad scientist. The instructor has on a navy blue BE! Creative Arts Center t-shirt. She is painting the mad scientist on canvas as well. There is vinyl display banner for BE! Creative Arts Center near the instructor. The instructor is standing up.

About Us

"Positively changing lives forever through the creative arts..." bringing fun, creative, and memorable paint (& sip) and dance experiences directly to you! 

  • Mobile (your metro Atlanta, GA location) 

  • Virtual (any USA location via Zoom )

  • Do-It-Yourself (DIY self-paced options)

13 ladies posing for a selfie after doing a soul line dance with BE! Creative Arts Center. They are all smiling for the camera. They are under a pavillion at a park. The instructor is an african american female with short sandy brown hair with a head mic around her ear. She is wearing an orange t-shirt and is holding the camera for the photo. There are a combination of black and white females. Four ladies have on blue shirts. One female has on a white shirt. two females have on grey shirts.
Female instructor holding a painting created during a paint and sip party with BE! Creative Arts Center. The painting is titled, "In Style" and includes a pink purse, with grey pants, a white and red high heal shoe, and a black background.

Paint Experiences

It's a fun way to be creative! Celebrate your special occasion or just plan a fun and creative get together with family and friends. We provide the paint supplies and instruction for your creative party.  No experience necessary.


  • Private Paint Parties

  • Scheduled Paint Classes

  • Paint Party "To-Go" Kits

  • Paintertainment Experience

 Customer Feedback

"We are thrilled!! On a scale of 1-5, BE! Creative scores a 10! The experience was wonderful. [The instructor] was a 'PHENOMENAL' hostess. Superb music, instructions, communication, and patience ..... we loved every minute of it." -- B. Robinson (Deltas of SAC)
"Thank you sooooooo much for the beautiful event. Everyone spoke highly of [the instructor]. She did an amazing job! I love the way my picture turned out." -- C. Paige (CONVOY)
"What an awesome way to celebrate our friend's birthday this evening. We had so much fun painting, dancing, and enjoying laughs with everyone in class. I definitely recommend this experience for anyone interested in having a good time" -- Y. Thomas (FNPN Participant)

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Photo of several ladies in a room streching as they prepare for a soul line dance class with BE! Creative Arts Center. The instructor, Torion Harden is in the front of the room facing the participants. She is african american wearing an orange BE! Creative Arts Center Soul Line Dance t-shirt. She also has on blue, white and orange leggings. The front row of participants include three aftican american females with orange BE! Creative Arts Center t-shirts one. There is a mixure of black and white females in the room.

Dance Experiences

Dancing is for everybody and every "body." It has no age limitation, and no experience is required. So yes, you CAN dance. It's a great way to do something different and energetic. It's a fun way to BE! Creative. 


  • Private Dance Parties

  • Soul Line Dance Tuesday

  • Choreography Services

  • Thursday Soul Line Dancing

Customers who have hosted creative experiences with us

Photo of a table showing merchadise from BE! Creative Arts Center. The table has an orange table cloth on it with a white center overlay that include the BE! Creative Arts Center logo on the front. The table has samples of five different BE! Creative Arts Center dance t-shirts. One t-shirt is navy blue promoting Soul Line Dance Tuesday. One t-shirt is orange with "YOU CAN DANCE" in large navy blue letters. The next shirt is a white t-shirt with "WHEN I DANCE I FEEL.." in navy blue letters. The t-shirt has additional positive words in orange and blue describing positive thoughs about dancing. The last two t-shirts are orange and blue "I love to Soul LIne Dance" T-shirts from BE! Creative Arts Center. There are paint party to go kits from BE! Creative Arts Center proped up towards the back side of the table. One paint kit is titled "Wearing that Hat" the other Paint Kit is titled "Aftican Queen". There is also a pricing sign on the table.

Share Creativity

Join the movement to BE! Creative. Visit our SHOP page to purchase:


  • Paint Party "To-Go" Kits

  • T-shirts / Wearable art

  • Books


Show off and share with others "a creative way to have a party!"

6 Reasons to

Be Creative
with Us

To have FUN!

Participating in paint and dance experiences is lots of fun. Enjoy the music, the moves, the fellowship, the instructors, the energy, the creativity, and more.

To Celebrate

"It's a creative way to have a party!" Celebrate any occasion with paint or dance -- birthdays, anniversaries, showers, reunions, corporate events, and more.

To Connect

Everyone is welcome to join in.  Paint, dance and party to socialize, meet new people, build / enhance relationships, have lots of fun, connect with others, and share. 

For the Experience

We provide paint and dance experiences everyone can enjoy.  From start to finish, you'll enjoy your time with us.

Self Accomplishment

It's not about what you can't do. It's about what you can do. Everybody and every "body" can paint and dance. Be inspired to bring out your inner creativity. 

For Health and Wellness

Paint and dance are great ways to reduce stress, contribute to a healthy heart, and positively impact your overall health and wellness.

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