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verb \ˈbē\

To have life. To live.

Several people in a colorful room. Some are standing, some are seated. Everyone is participating in a paint and sip party with BE! Creative arts center. The painting is titled "Thoughts of Love." The instructor is in the front center with her back turned to the audience. She is painting on a canvas placed on a large easel. A BE! Creative Arts Center Mobile Paint and Dance Parties banner is in the front of the room next to the instructor. The paint and sip party is taking place at Treat Love candy shop in metro Atlanta, GA

Our Vision

To positively change lives forever through the creative arts.

We strive to BE CREATIVE in all that we do by creating fun, uplifting, positive, and memorable creative experiences in alignment with our vision.


"Today and every day for the rest of your life,
we encourage you to BE CREATIVE!" 

-- Torion Harden

Meet the Owner



Hi! I'm Torion Harden, Owner of BE! Creative Arts Center (BCAC).  Thank you for visiting our website and for taking the time to learn more about our creative experiences.

BE! Creative Arts Center is about positively changing lives forever through the creative arts. We provide one specific visual art - PAINT, and one specific performing art - DANCE. Our focus is on the fun side of the arts while still being able to share the associated well-being benefits.  It's not about what you can't do. It's about what you CAN do.  So, no experience is necessary. Everyone is a creative artist. And that includes YOU! We want to help bring out your inner creativity. Then we want you to keep it going and keep it growing.

I have been an active student, participant, instructor, choreographer, and observer of the creative arts since childhood. While I have worked in the field of IT for many years, my evenings and weekends have always been filled with the creative arts - dancing, painting, acting, singing, song writing, and more. God have blessed me with so many amazing creative gifts. I am grateful and excited to share these gifts through the creative experiences offered by BCAC. 

A picture of Torion Harde, the owner of BE! Creative Arts Center (from the waist up). Torion has on a blue jean jacket with rhine stones all over it. She is also wearing a navy blue t-shirt with orange letters that read "BE! Creative Arts Center". She has on a large rhine stone necklace. Her right arm is on top of her hed. Her left arm is in her pocket. She is smiling.
Torion Harde, Owner of BE! Creative Arts Center. She is posed in a dance move. She has on a navy blue "Paint. Dance. Party!" t-shirt from BE! Creative Arts Center. She is also wearing navy blue leggings with an orange and white stripe down the side. She has on White and orange tennis shoes. She is standing in front of a navy blue wall with the BE! Creative Arts Center logo on it.

Whether you view our website, follow us on social media, purchase merchandise, or participate in one or more of our paint and dance experiences,


I hope you are touched.

I hope you are motivated to do something different than you have done before.


I hope your experience with us brings a smile to your face, joy to your soul, and laughter to your heart.


I hope you leave with positive memories that change something in you and/or about you. 


I hope you have an opportunity to live and love through your interaction with us.


I hope you are encouraged to BE! CREATIVE today and every day.... for the rest of your life.

---- Torion Harden

Torion Harde, Owner of BE! Creative Arts Center, is standing in wearing a white dress with orange flowers on it. She is wearing orange bracelets on her left arm. She is standing in front of a navy blue wall with the BE! Creative Arts Center logo on it. She is smiling.

"It's not about what you can't do.
It's about what YOU CAN do."

-- Torion Harden

More About Us

"Keep it going. Keep it growing."
-- Torion Harden

Lisa Harden (left) and Torion Harden (right) posing together in their orange BE! Creative Arts Center t-shirts. A paint and sip party in Atlanta is going on in the background.


(Customer Service) 

The Creative Team

Creative. Experienced. Fun. Passionate. Engaged. Motivated. Caring. Energetic. Positive. Knowledgeable... 

These words and so many others describe our creative team of instructors and administrative staff. They love what they do and are here to contribute to your positive creative experiences.

Creative team members providing occasional class instruction (not pictured):


Lanous Wright, II

Female with a grey BE! Creative Arts Center sweat shirt on that reads, "The creative way to have a party - BE! Creative Arts Center." She is holding up and painting of "Palm Trees" that she just completed painting for a virtual paint and sip party with BE! Creative Arts Center Atlanta. She is standing in front of a navy blue wall with the BE! Creative Arts Center logo on it.

Diamond Wright
(Admin Support / Instructor) 

Female paint instructor holding a completed painting of "Color My Hair." She is wearing a navy blue BE! Creative Arts Center Atlanta tshirt with orange letters that reads, "Paint. Dance. Party!" She is smiling after completing a successfuly virtual paint and sip party.




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